Interview with Picot

Recently I was interviewed by Arielle Moore of Picot Collective, a shop in my neighbourhood that happens to also be my very first stockist. These ladies have supported and encouraged me since my first market, and I'm very honoured to be featured on their site! Here's a snippet.


Picot: Tell us a little about yourself / your business.

Simone: I’m Simone, and I was born and raised on the West Coast. I like hiking, researching, and slow processes. My favourite animal is a rabbit.

Landscape, myth, heritage, language--they shape everything I do. I wanted Ghost Mountain Co. to be the culmination of all those things into something both beautiful and useful, so I make functional ceramics.

Picot: What challenges have you overcome that lead you to a deeper understanding or a shift in perspective for you?

Simone: Pricing my work is always tricky! Accessibility in art is something that is very important to me, but there’s also the need to make a living. As I’ve grown in this business I’ve really learned to value my time and work far more.

Picot: What makes you most excited about the evolution of your business?

Simone: I never really expected Ghost Mountain Co. to become something that could feasibly support me, so that fact is pretty thrilling in itself. Other than that I'd say getting cool custom projects gets me most excited for the future. I recently did a series of sake cups for a new restaurant downtown and I felt so proud knowing the client was happy with my work and that it was getting so much use.

Read the full interview on Picot's blog.


Simone Littledale